Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Western Community Primary School is a caring and supportive school where a positive approach is taken towards children’s development and achievements. All children are given equal access to the whole curriculum and we seek to address the needs of all pupils who may have special educational needs by following the Special Needs Code of Practice. The school has a single equality scheme in place that demonstrates our commitment to ensure that no child experiences discrimination because of their special need or disability.
Every teacher in the school has knowledge and experience of teaching children with special educational needs. Children with special needs are taught within their own classroom, by their class teacher.
There may be times when children are withdrawn from the classroom in small groups to work with the classroom assistant on a specific topic. Individual children may also be withdrawn to work with outside professionals, e.g. Educational Psychologists, if their needs require it.
Regular review meetings are held with parents, staff and outside agencies to discuss individual children’s special educational needs and agree ways forward. After these meetings an individual education programme is prepared for each child.
If you feel your child has a special educational need, you should discuss this with your child’s class teacher in the first instance. The Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Co-ordinator, Mrs Pam Tait, is also available to meet with parents to discuss concerns or requests for additional support.

Gifted and Talented Children
We want all children to achieve their full potential and this includes those children who may have abilities and talents beyond those expected for their age. All teachers are experienced in catering for the full ability spectrum and receive regular training in ensuring appopriate challenge for our most able pupils. Support for our Gifted and Talented pupils is available from Mrs Victoria Taylor who is a national advanced skills teacher and our Gifted & Talented co-ordinator.  In addition, the social and emotional needs of our most able children are supported by Miss Jen Barton, Lead Learning Mentor.